Who will work with you for managing the legal building inspection process?

They should sober up soon though – they have cleared every young broom and gorse shoot in sight, so the saloon is now closed!Greenpeace got a warning from New Zealand officials in November after claims the environmental group’s flagship released polluted water into a city harbour in the South Island.A German environmental organisation is lobbying to allow in-line skaters to be included in road traffic legislation, Building and Pest Inspections Adelaide arguing that it is an environmentally-friendly, daily form of transport.

The VCD told a parliamentary hearing that it was a low-emission, quiet method of transport with only a small degree of risk to others.It’s estimated that some two million Germans regularly use their skates to get around.However, under current law they are classed as “pedestrians with leisure or sports equipment” and can legally only use pavements.The VCD wants in-line skating to be included in a “sustainability amendment” to German road traffic legislation.

It also wants skaters to be allowed to use cycle paths, for these to be widened so skaters can be overtaken safely by cyclists, an expansion of the urban cycle path network, opening on roads to skaters on Sundays, and introduction of more 30 kilometre-per-hour speed limit zones in urban areas.SEPA’s Public Affairs department took a call during last year’s flooding crisis from the Sydney Herald, wondering what the latest situation was at Murrayfield in Edinburgh and whether the Scotland v Australia rugby match in mid-November was still going ahead.We were incredulous that news of Scotland’s flooding had reached the other side of the world, and said so.However it wasn’t our environment that they were worried about.

“Oh no,” came the reply, “we were only worried about the rugby!”Spellcheckers of the ubiquitous PC sometimes seem to suggest deliberately provocative alternatives to the word under query.SEPA was therefore amused when the ‘correct name’ for Dr Dixon, Head of Research, Friends of the Earth Scotland, was offered as ‘dioxin’.“I feel excited and very privileged to have been offered the post of Chief Executive because while SEPA has already achieved a lot, it still has tremendous potential.

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