Who will sense the presence of termites or insects by doing the pest inspection process?

Experience of carrying out research projects, which could have been gained in a practical, policy or academic environment. Particularly developments in the neighbourhoods agenda and relevant housing policy. Strong project management skills and the ability and willingness to administer a complex project with little administrative support. The secondee will report to the Young Foundation Local Projects Director who will take overall project management responsibility for this project. Although this is a separate project, there will be some overlaps with the wider neighbourhoods work. It builds on the previous work of the Institute of Community Studies, set up 50 years ago by Michael Young. Income is one of the most important pieces of information collected by CORE.

Some associations are able to collect income data from a very high proportion of their tenants whilst others report that tenants are sometimes unwilling to divulge this information or concerned that the information may be published or passed on to other agencies. Home Inspection Emphasise that the information is completely confidential and that it is anonymized before being sent to the Housing Corporation and the ODPM. Explain that CORE does not record the tenant’s name or address and so individuals cannot be identified. Before conducting the interview, you may find it helpful to send an advance letter to tenants, explaining the purpose of the CORE form.

RMC, the CORE training contractors, can provide training on how to conduct a survey interview with tenants. Authorities submitting CORE data from April 2004 will receive a quarterly progress report in August, summarising the number of logs submitted and the most common errors in their data files. These will provide frequency and percentage tables of key CORE variables, based on the first six months of data submission. A number of authorities are planning to start in April 2005, and we will ensure they receive regular updates on project developments.

We will also be working with Government Offices for the Regions to promote CORE to the small number of local authorities that have not yet become involved. RMC Consultancy will be providing some extra training sessions in September for local authorities that missed the main round of regional training and that are planning to join CORE in the autumn. The Corporation sent a letter to all CORE participants in May 2004, advising officers completing CORE logs for the 2004/05 year to continue to use the definitions in the current CORE manual.

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