Who decided the format for report submission to the clients in BPI?

They shall endeavour to find historical evidence too (eg how much was the service used last month, last year, in the last five years etc). If there is a scarcity of information, candidates should consider whether any useful data could be found through analysis of past records. Whenever appropriate the collection of statistics and conduct of informal formal user surveys will be encouraged.

Candidates will be encouraged to participate in the compilation of user surveys, and questionnaires used to evaluate existing services. Candidates should analyse the data and any supporting evidence they can find to establish whether there are any trends patterns in usage, identifying what appear to be superseded services. Plus there will be opportunities to take part in discussions with management and colleagues to identify existing policies and those being adapted or under development.

This will help show the candidate that any services must not be static but should always be looking to expand and improve the services offered to its customers. BPI Brisbane Candidates may be required to produce their own business plan and or financial plan (the latter would perhaps be a Short Term Plan (STP) which would cover 4 years). Candidates working in sections with other librarians information professionals should seek the opportunity to be involved in the strategic planning of particular aspects of service provision, particularly when new services are considered or existing services are undergoing a major change revamp. If there is a disaster recovery plan for the library information service, candidates should analyse this to ensure that they understand how the provision of services will continue in the event of an emergency.

Evaluate any existing Library information service business plan to see what marketing and business development is proposed. If there is a marketing plan strategy already in place then establish what activities are being done and how success is measured. If there is not a marketing plan for the candidates own library information service then the candidate should contact the larger Defence libraries information services. Wood Information & Library Service etc to arrange to see what they have produced and to talk, if possible, to the people who were involved in constructing the plan.

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