Who can able to shoot the trouble of the BPI procedure ?

There is no suggestion that any chemical warfare agents were dumped, but the RAF decided to conduct a land quality survey in 1999 to assess whether the equipment. industrial chemicals, and substances such as asbestos, which had been disposed of in the dump-sites, might be harming the environment. Following this survey, the RAF decided that a remediation project was justified.

When the trouble do arise in the process of BPI then it can be sorted out by the acquired professional expert. License is been owned by them so it do show that they posses lots of knowledge regarding the Building Inspection.  As part of the preparations for this work, extensive consultations were conducted with the local community and other interested parties, with expert advice being provided by the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (DSTL) and the Environment Agency.

On 18 August 2003, digging began at the first of the five dump-sites to establish precisely its physical dimensions and sample the contents. To ensure the highest standards of safety, the digging is being conducted by experts from DSTL within a Vapour Containment System to seal off the shaft from the outside environment with special filters to ensure that any potentially harmful contents are not released. This initial exploration is planned to last about one month. Public access to the nearby coastal path, running along an area of great natural beauty on the north Cornish coast, will not be affected.

When they do have knowledge regarding the process of BPI then they can easily do face any of the difficult situation and if they are unaware of the trouble then they can take guidance which is given by the authority. If the trouble is been removed then the process can be run go on in easy manner. The RAF Regiment was formed in 1943, following hard-learnt lessons during earlier campaigns, to provide a dedicated force to ensure the security of airfields. Shortly after its formation, a detachment was honoured by being tasked with Public Duties in London, including guard duty at the Royal Palaces.

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