What result would be achievable when the specialist is to be hired for BPI ?

building inspections (3)When the Pre Purchase House Inspection Melbourne specialist is been hired by the clients the result which would be available will be accurate as well as satisfactory. The report available would be qualified which make the clients feel from the burden of the stress.  The information is useful for monitoring changes in the female to male ratio of school and central office administrators. The data cover certificated teaching personnel only, and reflect the gender composition of administrators at the beginning of the 1997-98 school year.

For comparative purposes, data in the benchmark year of 1979-80 are included in this Annual Report. The tables and graphs show data on administrative appointments, starting at the benchmark year of 1979-80 (except for the position of curriculum leader, created in 1990-91), and proceeding at intervals to 1997-98. This information reflects the percentage of women and men in the positions of principal, assistant principal, vice principal, junior high coordinator and curriculum leader for selected years to the present.

Full efforts as well as acquired knowledge is been utilised by the specialist so that the outcome which is been achievable would be best. The result would be accomplished in the short time span and the funds can be used in accurate and legal manner.
This is the first year that non-certificated administrators have been included in the survey. To conclude, there is a current status section pointing out increases and decreases in the percentages of men and women certificated administrators.

There are also graphs showing the status of proportional representation of female and male administrators who hold teaching certificates. At the beginning of the 1997 school year, women held 57% of the elementary principalships, 24% of the junior high and 41% of the senior high principalships; men held 43% of the elementary principalships, 76% of the junior high and 59% of the senior high principalships; women held 49% and men held 51% of all principalships.

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