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Executive Committee members today accepted the report’s recommendation that the Brigade should ‘retain the present control room in its current location and with current staffing levels’ and develop a draft action plan to improve facilities and maintain a high quality service and call handling times. Following the lifting of restrictions on 60 sections of the Coast Path before Easter and new guidance from MAFF, the County Council has approved. a further limited relaxation of its criteria to include additional sections of the coast path and some sections of inland paths where there is no risk of contact with livestock and landowners agree. John Lobb, the Executive Member for Community and Regulatory Services and Bert Biscoe, the Executive Member for the Environment.

They sympathize with the pressures being faced by the Tourism Industry and were anxious to do all they could to help without increasing the risk of spreading the virus. Although there have been no new cases in Cornwall for the past three weeks, MAFF state that areas must be disease free for 30 days before all risk of infection is passed. and the report concludes that there is little indication that ‘blue light’ services wish to change their existing communications and control arrangements.

In the meantime parts of North Cornwall remain within an infected area, while the rest of Cornwall is designated as a Controlled area. This includes 25 more miles of the Coast Path, and 25 miles of inland paths. The list of areas to be re-opened will be announced tomorrow, when final risk assessments have been completed. All the re-opened sections will be clearly signed with green notices, and temporary fences and barriers erected where necessary.

As the holiday season gets underway we are under tremendous pressure to re-open as many sections of footpaths as possible. At the same time, although MAFF say that the risk of walkers spreading the virus is immeasurably small, First Property Inspection many farmers remain worried about their livelihoods. Following this latest re-opening the County Council is now considering lifting the blanket restrictions on a district by district basis, starting with the west of the county. A meeting of all interested parties, including the Tourism industry, to discuss the results of the consultation will be held at the end of next week. This will be a very difficult decision to make, and we felt it was very important that we heard the views of all groups involved.

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