Land Agents Vs Professional Property Valuers

13Term because house simply he’s not an essay house depreciates it costs you money to maintain house it costs you money to even keep the house you gotta pay for rights you gotta pay for%ah plan taxes there’s a lot of cost sin nineteen housemaid to answer the first question why is real estate in Australia a bad investment cast it’s simply to have approx it doesn’t matter what the interest rates are it doesn’t matter.

if you’ll fully funding if you’re kind money you I’ve a pain for sens it therefore it’s a bad investment and technically it was in a set to begin with because it doesn’t pay you moneymaking you look at the other reason why you would buy real estate and that is for rental purpose sand humanism take your money and flushed down the toilet because in this casein doesn’t matter if you use your money will you borrow it’s an even worse investment then.

I acquiring it for your own personal use because you’ve got the danger of not forming a tenet but that’s a subject of and other video when you buy house for yeah rental purposes you areĀ West Coast Valuers looking at yielding seed of about four and a half percent now this is just horrible then you can almost get that from a term deposit at the bank I did say almost done talking maybe a hundred basis points from that then you have to do anything at the vet speech money you owe me you have to pull your hair and worrying about maintenance Council rates n athe person damaging a property you’re not funny at a lot of work for earning a basis points above with but the banks offering and then you’ve got to look at again the fact.

that if you then factor in inflation you not getting a return at all because as you know from hoping his peers inflation is running at five to ten percent even more so acquiring a house for you on person Residence he’s not a good investment it’s just means for you to leave.

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