Improve(Increase) Your property valuers In 3 Days

play that is such a strong a notional Association for you that if you played that song even repetitively over and over like the beginning right as you’re starting to make the phone calls maybe it’s dingdong ding a ladies and gentlemen let’s get ready to rumble I remember that old song like I think about that song I merely a little goose pond because it was a song about a million times music goes a long way you know it also goes a long way.

video maybe there’s a video you watch in your remaking phone call routine that inspires you I’m I’m having a flashback back to the days when I was making phone calls a case my brother we’re in the same private office and we had like an old PER member VCR’s and that some crazy and we’d all the Star Wars movies playing and we were just you know the force run strong in our family we would play around likes if we were making phone

like Jet Li’s and guess what that mindset miss really powerful over the phone super effective till the last one is the big one play the perfect game verses accepting doubt drama or rejection so what does that mean the perfect game as you say for the next minutes while making phone calls while I’m doing my wealth creation while I’m doing your power whatever happens I’m gonna declared perfects the plan hangs up on me perfect ever climbed books an appointment perfect if I couldn’t get you know I can get through the objection and I lost opportunity perfect meet a wide if you get caught up in the drama you’ll start making phone calls you get caught up in the one that got away and you miss out on tender waiting for you to calls very fun message for me because you can see like I’m a fan of making phone calls II just believe fundamentally my heart of hearts it’s a super fast effective way to reach a lot of people and when I know is thisyou probably need to watch this five more times you

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