For accomplishing which purpose the instrument called thermal imaging camera is been introduced ?

One of our major diversity issues is clearly the representation of women at Band D and above and it was very apparent following my meeting with a group of women in Band E from around the DLO that there are major obstacles in the way of women progressing. One of the most important attitudes to alternative working patterns was, in particular, part-time working. Too often, rigid obstacles mean part-timers are ignored or discouraged.

Doing examination of the pest is not very easy work for the inspector. Especially identifying pest through naked eye is also stand tough task to the inspector. Such attitudes are not only wrong in themselves they are doing the business a disservice because we are missing out on talent. And it is not just a gender issue greater flexibility around working patterns and emphasis on work life balance would enable very many more people to contribute more than they can today.

So to make the process of Termite Inspection Brisbane at easy level the instrument called thermal imaging camera is been introduced to the inspector which is helpful to rectify the pest in less period of time. Because of thermal camera the burden of detecting pest becomes easy to inspector and also precious time is been saved for both i.e. inspector as well as clients. Changing attitudes and behaviour is, in fact, one of the hardest of all issues. But, I believe we need to tackle it in a more determined way if we are to be a really modern organisation.

The Act is intended to embed race equality in policy formulation and service delivery. It is important that the undertakings of the RES should become part of the Department’s and hence the DLO’s mainstream business. The provision of food to the Armed Forces, which is the responsibility of the Defence Catering Group within the DLO, was included in the report. More than 10,000 of these backs were issued in the past year in training and operations around the world.

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